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Patch Testing

What is patch testing for?

  • Rashes can have many causes, and allergy may be playing a role. Allergic contact dermatitis is a skin condition which is caused by allergies to things like chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, metals and more. These can be found in home products like soaps, body washes, moisturizer, make up, and more.

  • Patch testing can identify the specific allergic trigger(s) responsible for this type of rash.


How is patch testing done?

  • Patch tests does not involve needles. Instead, patches containing individual allergens, are then placed on top of your skin. This test can be performed in adults as well as children.  

  • Patch testing is typically conducted over the course of a week, during which patients visit for application, removal, and reading of the patches.

  • Dr.Xu offers the most comprehensive allergen panel in Halton, with over 80 allergens. Patients may also bring in a select number of suspect triggers from home

  • If any contact allergens are identified, your allergist will generate an individualized "Safe Product" list for you based on your testing results. This will be emailed to you after the testing is completed. 


What is the cost?

  • Patch testing is an OHIP covered service.

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