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Environmental Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy shots & Needle-free options

What is aeroallergen immunotherapy? 

Aeroallergen immunotherapy is a long-term treatment for rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and asthma caused by environmental allergens such as pollens, molds, and pet dander. It can also help with eczema and oral allergy syndrome in some cases. Studies suggest immunotherapy may also prevent the onset of asthma and new allergies if started in children.


Immunotherapy gradually trains the immune system to become less reactive to external allergens. Most patients see improvements in their symptoms with this treatment. When continued for 3-5 years, these improvements can last for 5-10 years or longer. 


Dr. Xu currently offers two types of immunotherapy: subcutaneous and sublingual.


Subcutaneous immunotherapy (allergy shots) can be administered either preseasonally before allergy season or perennially year-round. Preseasonal shots are weekly for 9 weeks, typically over 3 seasons to ensure sustained response after stopping treatment.

Perennial shots treat allergies like pollens, pets, dust mites and mold, requiring weekly injections for 4-6 months for build up and then monthly injections for 3-5 years.

Needle free immunotherapy

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) uses tablets placed under the tongue that dissolve. It is taken daily at home after an initial dose is given in-office. Allergens include grass, dust mites, ragweed and birch pollen. Pollen SLIT lasts 3-4 months while dust mite SLIT requires daily dosing for 3-5 years for desensitization.


Are there any contraindications to immunotherapy?


Immunotherapy is not be for everyone. Your allergist will assess your medical history in detail, and will speak with you in regards to your candidacy.


Additional information:

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